Abstract submission
(All Formats)

Abstract submission starts on 1 September 2018 and closes on 15 December 2018 (incl.). Abstracts go through double blind reviewing.

Abstract text should be no longer than 350 words, plus not more than 3-4 main references added.

Abstracts can be submitted here.

Before submitting, everyone has to register as a new user.

When submitting the abstract, a presenter has to choose between formats, such as oral presentation of completed study (20 min), oral presentation of ongoing study (20 min), and poster presentation (with 5-7 min oral introduction). Posters could be preferred when having many of tables and/or figures.

Candidates participating in a symposium should send their abstracts directly to the organizer. The organizer must submit abstracts to the conference system for evaluation. Beside usual presentations, some proposals for a max 10 min talk focused on a coherent set of ideas (probably illustrated on the poster) might be sent to the organizer of a round table discussion who decides before the beginning of December whether this format would be acceptable.

In the case of a joint round table discussion including two or more presentations in the same round table, you should coordinate this internally with an organizer. When submitting an individual abstract for such a joint round table, simply refer to the organizer and the theme you share in the beginning of the abstract.

Notifications of acceptance will be delivered February 10, 2019

Proposals for organizing an INVITED SIG SYMPOSIUM can comprise 90 minutes or 2 times 90 minutes (maximum of two slots in continuation). Deadline has been postponed: Invited symposia should be submitted through the conference platform no later than 15 December 2018 (like all other submissions of proposals).

Those organizing an invited SIG symposium are responsible for the format and length of presentations, for collecting abstracts via their e-mail, as well as for reviewing the collected abstracts and submitting the full proposal including accepted abstracts through the platform. Please, when submitting, make it explicit in the title that you are submitting an invited SIG Symposium.

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