A symposium provides an opportunity to present one topic from multiple perspectives. A symposium is proposed by one or two organizers, who select a thematically coherent set of 3 papers and provide a discussant and a chairperson. At least three nationalities should be present in a symposium.


Symposia organizers should submit an outline of the symposium that develops the theme and integrates the papers into a coherent framewor (max. 350 words, 2 to 4 references and three to five keywords). Besides, all the abstracts of contributions are added.

A symposium is scheduled for one and a half hour: 20 minutes per speaker (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes question time), 15 minutes for discussion by the discussant, and 15 minutes for open discussion, moderated by the chairperson.

Proposals for invited symposia by SIGs can be for one or two strands (90 minutes or 180 minutes, thus including 3 to 6 papers).

Abstracts can be submitted here.

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